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SloaneDaenon, May 25, 11 8:13 AM.

Mission Statement and By Laws


I.) Omniverse was formed to be a membership guild operating within the confines of Rappelz. It’s purpose is to provide players with camaraderie, guidance and a better understanding of Rappelz.


II.) Omniverse is governed by a Guild Master. Officers are appointed by the Guild Master. Powers of Officers and the number of Officers are determined by the Guild Master. In the absence of the Guild Master the appointed officers are, in effect, fully in charge of Guild issues. They have the right to make decisions regarding the well being of any guild member and/or the guild itself, and such decisions are to be accepted/obeyed as if directly from the Guild Master. All members are given a rank determined by the Guild Master after a request for ranking is received by him.


III.) Membership is revocable by the Guild Master and the officers appointed by him. There is an appointed officer in charge of recruiting new members (see officer list), no new members will be accepted into the guild unless confirmed with aforesaid officer or Guild Master. Infractions include (but are not limited to), dishonesty, misrepresentation, backstabbing, excessive drama and failure to show at guild events.


IV.) A common stock of equipment, weapons, pets and in-game currency will be maintained by the guild for loan to it’s members. It is governed by Officers of the guild based on the Masters guidelines. No item or in-game currency will be loaned out unless firstly approved by the Guild Master. Membership with Omniverse does not guarantee the promise of a loan, as said before a loan is at the discretion of the Guild Master. Rewards will be earned and items will be available for loan by those who prove their commitment to Omniverse and have proven that they can be trusted. Failure of due diligence by members, to the “bank”, will result in expulsion.

 V.) High leveled members of the guild will make themselves available, upon request(and at their convenience), to provide services to low leveled members in areas of deficiency. This includes, written as well as physical assistance on quests and leveling.

VI) It is understandable that any player has more than one character, but if a character is absent for longer than 2 weeks they will be expelled. If lee-way is required than discuss the issue with either the officers or the Guild Master.

VII) Sexual harassment of ANY kind means immediate expulsion.  

In becoming a member of Omniverse, you are becoming a member of a community in which you will represent the voices of many members.




Omniverse was not created to compete using ego alone. Skills and camaraderie with your fellow guildsmen will insure success in campaigns hosted by Omniverse. Communication on the guild chat channel is the best tool you will gain. Use it often, if for no more than to acknowledge the presence of other guilders.
Immediately report any PK activity on this channel AND leave a detailed public message at the website to the same. Initiating random PK, while wearing the Omniverse tag means immediate expulsion. NO EXCUSES AND NO STORIES, if you are found with wrath you will be expelled. Defending yourself is encouraged, but not always the answer either.


 Guild Master: nofriendofurz

Officers: Bl1ndS0ul
Nurssie / LadyArowette

Recruitment Officers: SloaneDaenon
Nurssie / LadyArowette

Any of the above members hold the right to make decisions based on the well being of the guild or its members. In certain areas they have the express permission, from the Guild Master, to immediately expel a player that is bringing the name of the guild into disrepute. Any instruction given by these members can be considered to be directly from the Guild Master and disobedience or disrespect shown to them will not be taken lightly.

And finally, Rappelz is a game and should be treated as such. We are all here to play and have fun, the purpose of these by-laws are to ensure a fun, hassle free environment in which you can meet other people and most importantly play YOUR game











Guild DP Information Request

Dreavyn, May 25, 11 8:13 AM.
We are now trying to start arranging guild Dp's. This is a good opportunity for everyone to get to know each other AND to lvl. If we get organized with this task it will prove beneficial to all and can mean that, no matter what, we all will be able to have a PT of some sort available at most any time we are online. A dp is allot easier to get when you shout "DPLF ppl...4/8" than if you are shouting on your own. With this in mind can you all please submit your time zones and average log in time in the forum please.
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